SOS Foster Program

Foster Program: Seniors Offering Shelter

SOS Foster Program
Our SOS foster program focuses on recruiting seniors, though we welcome foster parents of all ages. Foster parents experience the transformation of a homeless animal into a happy and healthy pet, as well as the joy of their companionship without the long-term responsibility. Loving All Animals pays all costs, including vet assistance. Fostering is the vital link to create a “No Kill Coachella Valley”, with the aim of reducing the number of pets that are homeless of euthanized in shelters. These cats and dogs are nurtured, socialized, and vetted while in foster care to prepare them for successful “forever” homes. The number of animals that Loving All Animals can rescue from public shelters is directly related to the number of foster parents we have. Please join out life-saving team of wonderful foster parents!

Why Do We Need Foster Parents?
Foster Parents expand the walls of our valley’s shelters. As a Foster Parent you can provide a temporary, safe, and nurturing home for a dog or cat until we find them a forever home.

What Type of Animal Needs Foster Care?
An animal that may have special needs, such as:

Being too young to be adopted

Needing a quiet place to recover after surgery

Becoming socialized as part of a loving family

How Do You Benefit As A Foster Parent?
You will be surrounded by the love and gratitude of your foster pet.

You will receive invitations to training session, social activities, and events, which will help find your foster pet a forever home.

You will make new friends who share the wonderful experience of fostering to save lives.

Our fosterers report the following health benefits of having a companion foster animal:
Fostering enriches your life

Fostering brings added joy to otherwise daily routines

Fostering can expand experiences with friends and family

Fosterers walk more and are healthier in general

Loving All Animals Provides
All necessary veterinary care

Supplies including leashes, food, bed, collars, and tags

A fantastic support network

Training sessions

Monthly social activities to bring you in touch with other foster parents

Adoption assistance

Fosterers Provide
A safe and nurturing home

Training and socialization

Attendance at adoption events

A second change at life for an animal in need