Thank You for Being a Part of Our Loving All Animals Family

By Janet McAfee

Without all of you, we could not do any of the wonderful things we do to help the animals. Without you, we could not bring happy endings for these deserving creatures and their lucky humans. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your warm and giving hearts.

THANK YOU TO OUR DEDICATED VOLUNTEERS! You come to our shelter to help socialize and train animals that need comforting. You come to our shelter to keep it clean and safe for the animals. You come to our shelter to transport animals to veterinary and grooming appointments. Others of you work late into the nights, trapping community cats for spaying and neutering; then you regularly feed their outdoor colonies.

THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING FOSTER PARENTS! You open your hearts and your homes to help prepare a homeless animal for a second chance home. You bottle feed tiny underage puppies and kittens who would otherwise perish. You stay up at night caring for an animal that might be sick or injured. You are our heroes!

THANK YOU TO OUR WONDERFUL ADOPTERS! Our hearts fill with joy when we get to see once of our precious animals head out our front gate with you for the journey to a loving forever home. We love it when you send happy updates. We are never sure who is luckier, your new four-legged friend or you humans who are soon the recipient of their unending devotion.

THANK YOU TO OUR GENEROUS DONORS! Your gift allow us rescue animals from abandonment, hoarders, puppy mills, public shelters, and from owners who can no longer care for them. Your donation allows us to provide excellent veterinary care for injured, sick, and other special needs cats and dogs. Your generosity allows us to fund TNR (Trap Neuter Return) clinics for community cats. Your gift helps us to end the suffering of homeless pets. Your gift brings transformative happy endings to pets and their humans.

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO SPONSOR AND ATTEND OUR EVENTS! We hope to see you in person once the pandemic is over. We miss the comradery with fellow animals lovers!

You are all part of our “Loving All Animals Family”. Working together we will one day soon create a “No Kill” Coachella Valley!